The Quest for the Best


Episode 1

Published on:

14th Sep, 2021


Published on:

16th Aug, 2021

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About the Podcast

The Quest for the Best
Who are the 10 Greatest Players in NBA History?
The Quest For The Best is a six-part podcast series that seeks to provide the most in-depth/up-to-date analysis of the ten greatest players in NBA history. The series features over 70 exclusive interviews with former players, former/current coaches, NBA executives, and high-profile media members.

Creator, Writer, and Narrator: Mat Issa
Producer: Rodrick Cureton
Editor: Ben Malian
Graphic Designer: Margo Brousaides
Music Producer: Ben Rauman
Visual/Trailer Producer: Nigel Akoma
Executive Producer: Aleks Ristic
Social Media: Sean Mitchell
Network: Hoop Heads